Self-Awareness is crucial

written by: Charlie Bourne

I just read an article written by one of the masters himself, Gary Vaynerchuk,. For those of you who do not know this guy, know this: every once in a while, he’ll say something that transcends the borders of the technology and social world, and it will hit home with every industry, every entrepreneur, every person who happens to be striving for greatness.  In this particular article, Mr. Gary Vee writes about the importance of “self-awareness” particularly in regards to expanding ones business.  He prefaces most of his tactics and strategies with the idea that knowing who you are and what you stand for keeps many people in the game, and knocks out those that cannot grasp the concept.  The media giant runs VaynerMedia, which handles companies social media presence in an effort to market themselves in a true 21st century manner.  Gary explains that VaynerMedia is massively important because it serves as a foundation for his other endeavors.  Interestingly enough, the trait of being “self-aware” serves as a foundation for the type of leader he is, and one could argue that it can have that affect on everyone.  It can help shape the type of leader, employee, spouse, friend, (fill in the blank with whatever you want) that you will become.  From my personal vantage point, honesty has to be the policy with this; if you cannot be honest with yourself when trying to become self-aware, then the whole idea becomes a futile practice.  One of the methods that I have tried to adopt, despite the difficulty in getting accurate results, is to question those closest to you.  It’s a tried and true practice, so don’t go thinking I created this on my own.  The most successful people all over the globe practice this on a regular basis, and have built relationships that help foster honesty and positive growth.  Once you can ask your friends and family what type of person THEY think YOU are, then you can have a real advantage over the person who continues to just stare in the mirror hoping for a revelation.  What was probably the biggest thing once I started becoming more aware of myself? I don’t know shit.  I thought I did, but I don’t, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Realizing that you are ignorant but willing to learn, and eager to try is a great feeling because you can only go up.  Once you think you know it all, you’ve lost.  I got excited to start a company because it meant that I got to learn all this new stuff.  Having the self-awareness to know that I was ignorant and I was going to make mistakes starting out made it that much easier when I did make those mistakes.  When you’re done reading this, think about it, meditate on it, and then ask your friends and family about it.  Also, you’re not allowed to get mad at them when they call you an asshole.  Ruins the whole thing.


Here’s a link to the article.  Go check it out.


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